Town Centre House, Leeds

Town Centre House is the only refurbished building in Leeds to have achieved a BREEAM Excellent. During the refurbishment programme, a holistic approach was taken to improve the environmental performance of the building. The most efficient new heating and lighting systems were installed, resulting in a significant reduction of both the building’s carbon footprint and its running costs. TCS has engaged with the CarbonNeutral Company to make the development a carbon neutral project using the carbon generated through the building’s construction and occupation to generate credits to support an environmental technical project to help tackle climate change and reduce global carbon emissions.

BDP, Manchester

The first office to be completed Piccadilly Basin, which was handed over to the tenant BDP in March 2008, was the first naturally ventilated building in Manchester to achieve a BREEAM 2006 rating of Excellent for sustainability. TCS, together with BDP as occupier and Kier North West as building contractor, has worked with the CarbonNeutral Company to ensure the development is carbon neutral, to offset the carbon generated during the construction process and a 20 year occupancy period. The carbon credits were used to support an environmental project to aid in the construction of a hydropower project in China.

No. 1 Whitehall Riverside, Leeds

Completed in 2006, the No. 1 Whitehall Riverside development in Leeds was built to a Very Good BREEAM standard.

TCS is committed to creating vibrant, sustainable developments that meet the needs of tenants and investors while focusing on the preservation of our heritage, local communities, the environment, its biodiversity and wildlife.

Dedicated to creating developments that meet the highest BREEAM ratings and as a member of the FTSE4 Good Index Series, TCS has comprehensive strategies and annual targets that reflect our commitment to continuous improvement in environmental performance. TCS are committed to the reduction of energy consumption and harmful emissions through design solutions that minimise the energy requirements of the construction process and a careful consideration of the environmental impact of the finished building.

Focussing on sustainable living and working, TCS create developments that have a long-term future as part of vibrant, energetic cities. Based in carefully researched locations and taking full advantage of regeneration opportunities, TCS schemes are designed to enhance the local environment and offer desirable future-proof accommodation for business and the community.

For more information on TCS’s environmental policies please download the following documents: