Leading UK property investment & car park management

With over 60 years’ experience, a commitment to sustainable development and a reputation for quality and innovation, TCS has built a diversified, mixed use portfolio with a high-quality tenant base focused on regional centres across the UK, primarily Leeds and Manchester. In addition we manage an extensive portfolio of national CitiPark car park branches.

Town Centre Securities PLC (TCS) is a leading UK property investment & car parking operator with assets of £300m.

TCS single largest asset, the Merrion Estate sits within the heart of Leeds vibrant Arena Quarter which continues to see extensive investment and redevelopment.

TCS has a high quality portfolio around the UK comprising over 2.5m sq ft of prime commercial, residential, car parking, office, leisure & retail accommodation. This is in addition to our development pipeline which has an estimated GDV of over £400m.

We are a UK-based real estate investment trust that
has built a diversified, mixed-use portfolio with a high-quality tenant base focused on regional centres, primarily Leeds and Manchester, where 89% of our portfolio by value is based.

We invest in locations likely to demonstrate sustainable growth, work closely with tenants to improve our properties to meet their needs, and dispose of properties that no longer meet our stringent criteria for future performance.

Management Team

Executive Directors

Dr. Edward Ziff OBE DL

Chairman & Chief Executive

Edward Ziff joined the Company in 1981 before being appointed to the Board in 1985, becoming Managing Director in 1983, Chief Executive in 2001 and succeeded his Father and Founder of the Company as Chairman in 2004.

Edward is a life-long supporter of the Leeds city region and plays an active role in the community.

A passionate family man, Edward brings a strong pastoral care aspect to the business, encouraging individual leadership and an active role in the supporting of local charities.


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Stewart MacNeill

Group Finance Director

Stewart joined TCS as Group Finance Director in June 2021.

He has worked in the property industry, specialising in the finance side, since 2002, spending the bulk of his professional career at LXB Properties, the real estate investment company which focused on edge of town and out of town retail assets. Before joining TCS, he worked at a small development consultancy business.

Stewart is a Graduate of the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Englan…

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Ben Ziff

Managing Director | CitiPark

Twitter: @benziff

Ben Ziff is a board director at TCS, he joined the company in 2008.

He is managing director of CitiPark, a division of TCS that operates car parks in several cities including Leeds, Manchester and London. Since 2014, he has led an acquisitions programme that has doubled the size of the car park division.

Ben also leads TCS Energy, which he set up in 2012 to invest in renewable energy production and storage. In that t…

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Craig Burrow

Group Property Director

Craig joined TCS in October 2020 becoming Group Property Director in January 2023.

He has significant experience in the property industry having started as a commercial agent at Weatherall Green & Smith and then DTZ Debenham Tie Leung before moving to Bruntwood, where for most of his 13 years was the Director of Leeds responsible for overseeing all aspects of managing the Leeds portfolio including asset management, acquisitions, disposals, investments and redevelopments including Platform, Hepw…

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Non-executive Directors

Michael Ziff Hon DUniv (Brad)

Non-Executive Director

Michael’s lifelong involvement with the Company and his retail experience puts him in a unique position to understand TCS and to give counsel based on the founding principles of the business and the importance of taking a long-term strategic view. Michael was appointed to the board in July 2014,

He is a Director of W Barratt & Co Ltd, Transworl…

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Ian Marcus OBE FRICS

Non-Executive Director

Ian Marcus was appointed to the TCS Board in January 2015.

Ian graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1981 with a degree in Land Economy. Ian was in the banking industry for over 32 years having previously worked for Bank of America, UBS, NatWest and Bankers Trust/Deutsche, always focusing on the real estate industry. Ian joined Credit Suis…

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Paul Huberman FCA CTA

Non-Executive Director

Paul Huberman was appointed a Director in January 2015.

He brings over 34 years’ experience in the property and finance sector.

Paul’s previous experience as Finance Director at three quoted companies, and his ongoing work in the real estate arena mean that he can robustly challenge and scrutinise the financial affairs of the business, leading t…

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TCS was founded by Arnold Ziff in 1959 and floated on the London Stock Exchange in September 1960.

Always a forward-thinking organisation, TCS quickly built a reputation for pushing the boundaries with landmark developments and strong growth through active management and design innovation.

With firm foundations in the north of England and Scotland, TCS is acknowledged as a pioneer of the mixed-use scheme. TCS is involved in a number of large-scale regeneration and new build developments.

TCS is committed to sustainable development, high environmental standards and active local community participation.

Mission Statement


TCS is a leading property investment and car parking operator committed to creating flexible, innovative, high quality commercial, residential and retail accommodation. Through the acquisition and active management of property in sustainable locations, we create quality spaces for our tenants, help communities to thrive and generate value for shareholders over the long term.

Health & Safety

TCS recognise the importance of Health & Safety at work.

Town Centre Securities PLC (the Company) recognises that under the Health & Safety at Work act 1974 and other relevant statutory legislation it has duties to its employees, those not of its employment and the environment.

TCS will ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health, safety and welfare of its employees and anyone affected by its actions or those of its employees.

This is done by ensuring that all employees play an active part in the health and safety of the company and by providing adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for them to understand their role within the company

Corporate Social Responsibility

Proud to have long-standing links with local and national charities across the UK.

TCS is focused on the impact that our business has in the core
communities that we operate and the impact that we have on the
environment. We have an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainable energy programme which throughout the year we use to develop a sustainable framework that is aligned to, and embedded in our corporate strategy.

We have been committed to generating long-term sustainable success since its foundation over 63 years ago and still retains the ethos of its founder that business should make a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates.

We aim to ensure that all the activities we undertake as part of our four strategic workstreams are
underpinned by the following five ESG principles which form the basis for our ESG programme:

• Minimise our environmental impact
• Engage with our external stakeholders
• Engaged and committed employees
• Make a positive contribution to the communities we operate in
• Always do the right thing

To read our latest ESG Report please download our most recent Annual Report



Delivering our Environment Programme

Minimising environmental impact

In alignment with our commitment to sustainability, our Environment report emphasizes our progress towards achieving sustainable targets and highlights the initiatives implemented to mitigate our environmental impact. As with previous years, this sustainability report focuses on the Merrion Centre, our largest and most complicated asset. Download our Annual Report for full details.

Sustainable Targets:

Carbon Neutrality: We’re investing in energy efficiency and community carbon offset programs.

Biodiversity Enhancement: Partnering with local organisations to create a vibrant ecosystem.

Community Engagement: We empower our community through workshops, campaigns, and partnerships, with no recent environmental compliance issues or fines. We’re determined to drive positive change and set an example in responsible business practices in our industry.

Merrion Centre

Results 2022-23

The Merrion Centre is committed to achieving Net Zero by focusing on carbon emissions, resource use, and socio-economic impacts. Our strategy is integral to our decision-making process, going beyond legal requirements.

Key Achievements:

Green Building Initiatives: We’ve incorporated green building principles and materials into renovation projects, enhancing the shopping center’s sustainability with our efforts recently rewarded at the Green Apple awards.

Energy Efficiency: We reduced head office energy consumption by 2.11% compared to pre-pandemic levels (108,594kWh in the past year). This was achieved through energy-efficient LED lighting, supply distribution upgrades, and an energy management strategy.

Travel and Transport: Collaborating with Leeds City Council, we improved transportation conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles around the site. We promote virtual meetings to reduce our environmental impact.

Waste Management: We’re committed to recycling and waste reduction, with 51.6% of waste recycled and 48.8% sent to an Energy Recovery Facility. We raised £2,719 from recycling cooking oil, reinvested into site initiatives.

Sustainable Cleaning: Our cleaning products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Churchill Group are our chosen cleaning service provider, offering sustainable uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles.

For more details, download our latest Annual Report.

TCS has been committed to generating long-term sustainable success since its foundation over 60 years ago and still retains the ethos of its founder that business should make a positive contribution to the communities in which it operates”

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